When your business' health is at stake, it's better to be preventative. Try our IR35 Health Check.


Free IR35 Business Health Check from ex-HMRC Inspector

We’re here to offer an employment and tax well-being check for the first fifteen businesses to sign-up. Things may seem fine, but an expert-led report on the status of your contingent workforce will allow you to keep on top of potential tax and employment concerns that could hurt your wallet down the line.

What is an IR35 Health Check?

An IR35 health check is designed to offer businesses a top-level view of their status risks, offering greater risk-management of employee determinations to avoid the financial and reputational repercussions of an HMRC inquiry.

We’ll review your workforce’s determinations and employment contracts to provide a detailed review on any and all risks you’re currently exposed to, with an accompanying set of recommendations to alleviate those vulnerabilities.

Why claim a free IR35 Health Check?

Many businesses have relied on HMRC’s faulty CEST tool or used outdated compliance services to determine whether their freelance workforce were inside or outside IR35. As a result, many businesses are sitting on hefty tax liabilities that could wrack up into the millions should an HMRC inquiry ever arise.

To ensure all employment tax risks are eliminated, we’re providing 15 free IR35 health checks with an ex-HMRC inspector and tax specialist to keep your business’ tax health in tip-top shape.

What can you expect from an IR35 Health Check?

You’ll get two things: a 1-1 with our leading Tax Specialist, Richard Clutterbuck, and in-depth guidance on your business’s potential tax liabilities with recommendations to abate your current employment risks. A similar review would range between £1500-3000 due to the complexity of the assessment, and the expertise required to provide a holistic and robust overview.


Ex-HMRC Tax Specialist

Richard Clutterbuck

Richard recently joined Guild Freelancing, having spent 28 years in HMRC as a Compliance specialist before working in Accountancy where he specialised in supporting clients who had HMRC Employment and CIS tax enquiries and issues.


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