Numbers & Earning Potential

On average, Guild Freelancers earn up to 25% more than similar roles employed through umbrellas or under PAYE contracts. On top of that, your business stands to save thousands on employment costs as your team are certified as genuine freelancers.

Pay Deductions
Employed Through Umbrella
Employments' NIC
Auto-enrolment pension contributions
Sick pay
Holiday pay
Parental leave
Offers bespoke compliance assessment with each freelancer
Backed by team of experts who deal one-to-one
Offers maximum net pay to freelancers
Attractive to freelancers and potential talent
Indemnifies user party (client)
Weekly Pay
Umbrella Take Home Pay
Freelance Take Home Pay
Extra Earning Per Week with
Extra Earning Per Year with
Two assumptions apply to the weekly pay of an umbrella or PAYE contract compared with Guild Freelancing:
  • Calculation assumes worker pays standard rate National Insurance
  • Calculation assumes worker has paid personal tax through self-assessment

All of this at £0 Cost to your business

The Guild Freelancing solution is totally free for your business. Freelancers working with you will experience a margin of £21 taken from their gross weekly pay. Our commitment to them in exchange for this small cost is the priceless freedom to freelance with total security, and the potential for significantly higher earnings. Guild Freelancers can earn 25% extra than peers in similar roles under umbrellas or in PAYE.


Example savings for Guild Freelancers

Freelancers onboarded through Guild Freelancing earn 25% more at no extra cost to your business. Here are some real examples of Guild Freelancer earnings.

Freelancer (A) earns £700 a week


After employment costs etc



After employment costs etc


Savings per week


Savings per year


After employment costs etc



After employment costs etc


Savings per week


Savings per year

Freelancer (B) earning £1,200 a week
Two columns
Potential Liability Calculator
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Could your business survive if your freelancers aren’t accepted as self-employed by HMRC?

Your company could owe *millions* in tax liabilities if HMRC intervenes and finds that your freelancers aren’t accepted as self-employed by HMRC. Try our calculator to see how much you could lose without the Guild Freelancing guarantee.

Two assumptions apply to the potential liability calculator:
  • Calculation does not include penalties or interest
  • Calculation averages National Insurance Contribution at 21% over 3 years

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