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Guild Freelancing is a payments service that eliminates tax status & IR35 uncertainty so that you can engage and manage freelance talent securely. Freelancers that we pay earn 25%* more on average than similar roles under PAYE or through umbrellas while your business improves its bottom line. All of this at £0 cost to your business.


How Guild Freelancing works:

We're not your everyday freelancer payments service.


Your freelancers earn more and you improve your bottom line

Our calculations show that freelancers earn 25% more on average when compared with umbrella employees or those on PAYE contracts. Your company also saves thousands on employment costs, at £0 cost to your business.


Attract and retain talent to gain an edge over competitors

Businesses contracting their workforce through Guild Freelancing tend to grow their team significantly due to the higher pay they can offer. You’re able to leap over competitors by attracting industry-leading talent as workers capable of self-employment earn more as Guild Freelancers.


You’re 100% protected against status risk and IR35 risk

Being an intermediary, Guild Freelancing inserts itself into the contractual chain during payment and assumes all tax status risk and payroll responsibility for your freelancers. All clients are indemnified, and our risk is insured.

We handle status compliance and payrolls so you don’t have to

After onboarding, your team no longer need to submit invoices (to you or us) as we operate a self-billing system with all freelancers. Should you want greater control, you can track and handle payments through our online portal.

The Guild Group has been trusted by over 1000+ businesses and counting


10,000+ freelancers paid weekly


No late payments


£420+ million yearly turnover


20+ years in business

Our simple onboarding process


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Client growth examples under the Guild Group


Earning potential comparison with Guild Freelancing vs Umbrella

Here’s how much Guild Freelancers could be earning at no extra cost to your business.
Weekly Pay
Umbrella Take Home Pay
Freelance Take Home Pay
Extra Earning Per Week with
Extra Earning Per Year with
Two assumptions apply to the weekly pay of an umbrella or PAYE contract compared with Guild Freelancing:
  • Calculation assumes worker pays standard rate National Insurance
  • Calculation assumes worker has paid personal tax through self-assessment

All of this at £0 Cost to your business

The Guild Freelancing solution is totally free for your business. Freelancers working with you will experience a margin of £21 taken from their gross weekly pay. Our commitment to them in exchange for this small cost is the priceless freedom to freelance with total security, and the potential for significantly higher earnings. Guild Freelancers can earn 25% extra than peers in similar roles under umbrellas or in PAYE.


Guild Freelancing is for businesses looking to …


Could your business survive if your freelancers aren’t accepted as self-employed by HMRC?

Your company could owe *millions* in tax liabilities if HMRC intervenes and finds that your freelancers aren’t accepted as self-employed by HMRC. Try our calculator to see how much you could lose without the Guild Freelancing guarantee.

Two assumptions apply to the potential liability calculator:
  • Calculation does not include penalties or interest
  • Calculation averages National Insurance Contribution at 21% over 3 years

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